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Best Education Consultancy in Pokhara

Best Education Consultancy in Pokhara

Unistar education is one of the best education consultancy in Pokhara, Nepal which has been providing excellent education counseling services to students for the past 15 years. We have certified counselors from the British Council, Education New Zealand, and QEAC who are committed to outdoing in the care of young learners. Unistar helps Nepalese students to find the right track for their further studies in a foreign land. We provide all the alternatives essential for the students by helping them to choose and make the proper decision for their career respectively.

Being one of the best consultancy in Pokhara, Unistar education mostly focuses on the countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc. to support the students who wish to pursue their further studies in foreign countries. Unistar helps students in selecting the right university for the students. We are officially licensed by the Government of Nepal to provide the facilities mentioned above for the applicants. We are also the franchise office of Nepcoms Services Australia which provides education counseling for Australia.

Why Unistar Education

There are lots of education consultancies in Pokhara for abroad study. But there is very few best education consultancy in Pokhara that provides professional education and ensure that the applicants get the course and career they are looking for and guide them on the right path. It is very easy to come up with the decision of studying overseas but in reality, this decision leaves us with many unanswered queries. Queries like which consultancy to choose, which country to apply for, what course to take, when to start, and how to go with the process which if countered wrongly can lead to misfortune. In that case, Unistar Education is there to clarify all the important queries by providing professional help and guidance so that the applicants can have the future they deserve and they always wanted to have.

Unistar Education here, To become one of the most prominent and trusted educational consultancy companies that empower young learners to design a better living and inspire them to invest their knowledge in building a better nation. Also, To connect young learners with better opportunities in educational pathways and enabling young minds to achieve what they desire by providing them with suitable guidelines and assisting them throughout the process towards a successful career.

What does Unistar Education do?

We provide English proficiency classes:
We offer IELTS, TOEFL, and different levels of English language courses. We focus on providing these courses to give you the best tools to communicate effectively. Unistar is a place where you can learn and improve your English skills quickly in a vibrant and friendly environment.
We provide students with various alternatives:
Unistar specialises in selecting the right university for the students. We review your academic backgrounds, career goals, financial status and provide you with a list of recommended universities and courses suitable for you in different countries.
We provide you with qualified team of experts:
Our Unistar team includes education advisors, higher education consultants, visa experts and counsellors and professional English language teachers who are qualified and experienced in their respective fields. Our team members are dedicated to providing you with the support you need in order to achieve your aim and ambitions.
We assist you throughout the visa processing time:
Our team of expert will always be there for you in every step to take you further to your destination. We will do the documentation, prepare you for the English proficiency test, train you for the visa interviews, and will assist you with all the guidance you will need until you get success in the process.